1. A Day in the Hamptons. July 2014.


  2. what if you got a dollar for every time you masturbated 


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  3. Rolls Royce in the Hamptons. July 2014.


  4. Sign language interpreter for Kendrick Lamar. [x]

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  5. Issam Fares Institute- American University of Beirut http://bit.ly/1n8CgxF

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  7. Little Wild - King Krule

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  8. sorry for replying in  0.2 seconds haha its not like i was waiting hahaha

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  10. Why don’t dogs get to see the world too?

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  11. girl: he cheated on me

    me: then break up with him

    girl: but-

    me: bye

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  12. when u accidentally drop ur phone on ur face.


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  13. Martin & Cracker

    what kind of name is martin for a dog

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  14. a boob on the tumblr??!?


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  15. "nigga im right outside"
    — a nigga who’s 2 miles away

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